ChatGPT-4o 提示词

ChatGPT-4o 的写作能力很强。 但如果没有正确的提示,它就毫无用处。 使用以下 8 个 ChatGPT-4o 提示来提高你的写作水平:

1. 学习写作 Prompt: Create a prompt to write a new paragraph that matches the same voice, style, and tone of this text: [Insert a piece of your writing] 提示:创建一个提示,以编写与此文本相同的声音、风格和语气相匹配的新段落:[插入您的写作片段]

2. 抄袭检查器 Prompt: I’ll write sentences for you, and I want you to check them for plagiarism. You only reply “plagiarized” or “ not plagiarized” depending on whether the sentence is or is not plagiarized. Don’t write explanations. 提示:我给你写几个句子,希望你检查一下是否抄袭。您只需根据句子是否抄袭回答“抄袭”或“未抄袭”。不要写解释。

3. 文字的变化 Prompt: Make 5 variations of this sentence. Keep the same tone of voice and format as the original: 提示:将这句话做 5 种变体。保持与原来相同的语气和格式:

4. 研究 Prompt: Provide statistics of [Insert desired statistic] with references to the statistics source or sources 提示:提供[插入所需统计数据]的统计数据,并引用一个或多个统计数据源

5. 快速学习 Prompt: I want to quickly learn about [Insert topic]. Provide me with the most important information regarding this topic. Summarize all of it into [Insert amount of time] or less of reading. 提示:我想快速了解[插入主题]。向我提供有关此主题的最重要信息。将所有内容总结为[插入时间]或更少的阅读内容。

6. 测试你的知识 Prompt: I want you to ask me 20 questions one by one about [Insert topic] to test how knowledgeable I am on this subject. I will answer, then tell me if my answer is correct or incorrect. 提示:我希望您一一问我 20 个关于[插入主题]的问题,以测试我对此主题的了解程度。我会回答,然后告诉我我的答案是正确还是错误。

7.总结文本 Prompt: I want you to summarize this article and take out the key points. Insert these key points into a bullet-point list with a paragraph of the description of each bullet-point below each point: 提示:我希望你总结一下这篇文章并找出要点。 将这些关键点插入到项目符号列表中,并在每个点下方添加一段对每个项目符号点的描述:

8. 创建博客 I am writing a blog about [Insert detailed topic] titled: [“Insert title”]. Create a [insert number of words] word blog post including these headings: [“Insert headings”] and these subheadings: [“Insert subheadings and the corresponding heading to each”]. 我正在写一篇关于[插入详细主题]的博客,标题为:[“插入标题”]。创建一篇[插入字数]文字博客文章,包括以下标题:[“插入标题”]和这些副标题:[“插入副标题和每个副标题的相应标题”]。


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